Monday, July 25, 2011

2013 1stHELP: Preferences, Privacy

Preferences, Privacy
Preferences, Privacy
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Show in search.  If you don't check this people won't find you in search.
Show Favorites Landmarks: Fill out your favorites bar and check this.  You will get your favorites as a list of options on the login screen.
Logs: Check these to save your local chat and ims to your computer.  This gives you a record of who you talked to, what they told you, and any links or slurls they gave you.  Very convenient for remembering names, dates, and other details.
Location of logs: This location is hard to find.  On Windows the defaul is:
You should be able to copy the entire address from the listing on the screen.  Just click on it as you would any other text.
You can also change the location. I don't recommend that  because it will need to be changed after every upgrade.  Sometimes the setup programs will do it.  But don't count on it.  I suggest the following for Windows user:
For Set and Forget on Windows
  • Leave the location as is 
  • Let the folder collect data for a few days
  • Click start button
  • Open the folder with your user name
  • If you don't see the AppData folder:
  •    Click Organize
  •    Click Folder and search options
  •    Check: Show hidden folders or Show all folders 
  • Click Roaming
  • Click SecondLife
  • Find the folder with your user name
  • See if you recognize the contents of the folder.
  • Create a link to the folder
  • Put the link your SL folder and other useful places.     

  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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