Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2013 PROMO: MUSIC: Live Musicians & Singers. Promotes music events

Music community in Second Life gets the word out
Live Musicians & Singers.   Promotes music events in Second Life.  Over 1000 members.
Main function: Notice group for performers and venue managers to promote events.
Run by Veronica Weksler.  (Friend her on Facebook.)
Group Window, General 
  • Performers and venue managers can get authority to send out notices of their events.
  • But if you join, you get group notices of events upcoming or in progress.
  • Or you can turn the notices off with an uncheck (screenshot above).
People who might send event notices
  • 126 performers
  • 73 Agents/managers
  • 80 hosts/hostesses
The rest of the 1000 are mostly people interested in getting those notices about upcoming musical events.
This group serves as a broad spectrum notice group for musicians and performers.
Promote your Second Life events inworld
Established musician, performers, and venues have their own fan groups.  But:
  • Performers: How do you build a following?
  • Venues: How do you build a following?
  • Music fans and newcomers: How do you find your music? 
Live Musicians & Singers is the answer offered by Veronica Weksler.   An answer I can give to new residents when they ask:
"Is there any entertainment going on now?"  
"There probably is something going on,"  I can tell them.  And suggest  that they join this group: Live Musicians & Singers.   It is open enrollment, so you just look it up in search (remember, it is a group) and join it.
Search, Find things, places, events
You'll get timely notices from those performers and venues.  Or you can turn off notices when you don't want them.
If you set your Preferences to log your chat, you can  get notices in email.
Chat--settings,  history, logs
Since the notices usually go out shortly before the event, you are likely to collect a long list of events you missed.  But at least you can get an idea of what is happening in the music scene.
If you are getting such notices, you will get a load of them when you login.  But the most recent will probably tell about events that you can attend.
How does this do to tell people about musical events?
Based on my experience in using it, I would say that it is probably more effective than the Second  Life Events Calendar.  But this model will not scale up. If you get too many notices that don't interest you, you tune them out.
Scale up options
  • Subdivide by genre,
  • Subdivide by major time zone groupings,
  • Post the notices in a collective blog.
 Note that these options might be combined.  

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