Sunday, July 3, 2011

2013 HELP: Preferences: Setup window. Bandwidth, auto-downloads

Preferences: Setup window.  Bandwidth
Preferences: Setup window
Viewer 3.2
Suggested bandwidth setting: 50-80% of your bandwidth.  Some sources recommend an upper limit of 1500 Kbps. (1.5 Mbps.).   But these recommendations are based on experience with the viewers using the V1 code base (Phoenix, Imprudence).  I am using 3 Mbps. with good results on Viewer 2.7.  That is half my bandwidth, so I have plenty in reserve for running my browser.  
If you suspect bandwidth problems, don't believe the figure your ISP claims.  You can measure the bandwidth you are getting.  See:
Phoenix: Speedtest
If your speed test does not match the claims of your ISP, you can contact the ISP and complain.  Be sure to mention the way you did your speed test.
Problems that may be related to low bandwidth:
  • Avatar looks like a cloud or is incompletely rezzed
  • Voice breaks up or becomes unintelligible 
Problem that may be caused by bandwidth set too high.
  • What I type is doubled.  When I pay, it pays twice.
Suggestion for double-type problem: set bandwidth to about 800 kbps. If that fixes the problem you can,try higher rates.
Download: Auto or Manual?
If you have problems with the automatic download and install, you may want to go to manual download and install.  You download the Setup.exe from here:
I suggest you reboot your computer before the install and do the install before you open any other programs.  You in start the install  by click on the Setup file.  

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