Saturday, July 9, 2011

2013 HELP: BOP Summary. Browser-on-Prim. Web-on-Prim. Shared Media.

BOP.  Browser-on-Prim.  Web-on-Prim. Shared Media.
I call it BOP.  That makes for an easy search in my inventory.  Linden Lab calls it "Shared Media."   In earlier days, when we were wishing for it, people called it web-on-prim.

Blog Posters
What is it?
A feature that lets you turn a prim into a live web browser in Second Life.  People using a BOP-enabled viewer can see the web page as they walk by.  The web page can show videos, play music, take you to other pages, and do most of the things that you expect to do with a browser.  If the source page is updated, the BOP is also updated the next time it is read.
Why don't I see these web pages on prims?
You have to click on a bop or have your media settings to show media automatically.  
Me (top menu)--Preferences-- Sound and Media-- Allow media to autoplay
How do I make a prim browser to show my web page?
Quick Trick (in Viewer 3.x , maybe Firestorm)
  • Open your browser to the web page
  • Make a cube
  • Left click and hold down on the web page address bar
  • Drag the cursor onto the prim and release the left key
  • Wait a bit -- the web page will appear on the face where you dropped it 
  • Adjust the shape of the prim to suit you
  • Make Full Bright and Phantom if you want
  • Use an existing, pre-sized prim, if you prefer
  • You can drop another url on the prim to replace the one showing.
Thanks to Torley for showing how to use this
Caution.  You can drop a web page on any prim you own.  When you do this on a prim you have out for other reasons, you will want to remove the media.  To do this:
Right click on the object -- Edit -- Texture -- Bottom of texture window--
In media control area, click on trash can.
Poster displays
For a poster display, you will want a way to restore your url when people take the browser to another page.  I use scripted posters to do that.  You can pick one up at Cookie Hobo Helpers HQ.  There is a shelf there with a row of kits.  Take any one of the kits.  They all have BOP posters in the contents.
Right click on a kit and select Take Copy.  Rez the kit and edit it to see the contents.  Drag the BOP poster and anything else you want into your inventory.
Once you have a BOP poster, you can follow the instructions here:
Script Modding 101: Use scripts without knowing how.
The script sets the BOP to a specified url every 15 minutes.  All you have to do with the script is replace the url in it with the url you want it to show.
The Full Linden way
BOP controls- Texture window
How to Use a BOP
You can recognize a bop when you get close to it, because a control bar will float over it.  The bar will give options that you expect a the top of any browser.  And one other option: open the website in your main browser.
Click on the face of the prim to start using it. Other people will probably see the web page also, but if not, they need to check their media settings. (Preferences-Sound and Media tab, in the standard viewer)
Portable BOPS for event calendars and the like
You can make a prim browser wearable.  Then the owner can wear it anywhere and look at it whenever they need it.  Here is how:

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  1. Just curious. If I put a web on a prim, and say go to youtube or grooveshark, and play media...does every avatar logged into the SIM here it, or is it an individual experience where each avatar depending on on when the enter the sim is out of sync with when the video starts? Just curious. I left SL before web on a prim but I might come back and do some projects. Thanks.

  2. Good question. BOP is handled by the viewer. The viewer runs a specialized browser and displays the result on the prim. That display is seen only in that viewer, no other. The display will also respond to some clicks (as any viewer would). Thus you can scroll down the page and follow hyperlink.
    The views are not synchronized. For videos, we approximate synchrony by having everyone start at the same time. Here is a way we plan to use videos:

  3. Thanks for your response. It is what I feared, not that it is necessarily a bad thing but I figured dropping a web page on a prim and syncing it with everyone in a region was probably going to be an issue that required something more. Everyone clicking on things at the same time is a good strategy for many scenarios, thanks.

  4. I know their are tools say like google hangouts as well that might handle the syncing if everyone signs in on the browser on the prim first.

  5. I wish more people talked about the limitations that are very apparent the moment Flash environments are introduced. At first I wondered if someone could make an entire Flash arcade system this way but some games will respond while other games will not. Sometimes certain controls respond within the same game while others do not! It's anyone's guess why this inconsistent keyboard handling behavior happens when the browser window has focus, but I wish it was fixed. It would make flash arcades very possible in SL.