Friday, July 29, 2011

2013 HELP: Scripts color for you.

Scripts color for you. 
Color scripted objects 
in the Content Creator Kit
  • Pink: Particle toy with colored blobs.  Change the colors,
  • Yellow:  Color tester.  You change color setting, see effect on the sides
  • Colliver Twist:  Script changes color on each side
  • Multimondrians
These things are in the Content Creator Kit.  They are full perm with coloring scripts in them.  You can take them apart and see how they work.   You can change the color settings and see the effect.   When you get more familiar with scripting, you can modify other parts of the scripts.
The Content Creator Kit is available at Hobo Helpers HQ, on the shelf near:
The Kits are identified by floating text when you get close to them.  Click on a box and it will offer to deliver its contents to you.
Specialized kits to deliver
stuff you might want
Coloring you can do with a script
  • Color an object
  • Color a single side of an object
  • Color floating text
  • Color particles
  • Change colors with a timer
  • Change colors on click or other event
  • Select new colors at random
  • And lots more.
Your palette
The numbers you use to specify colors in a script are superficially different from the numbers you use in setting colors in the Texture Window.
Coloring inside the lines
You still set Red, Green, Blue (RGB).  The numbers range for 0.0 (off) to 1.0 (full intensity). The form you use looks like this:
This sets all colors to full intensity, producing white. Notice that the numbers have a decimal point.  You know it is not needed, but the compiler expects it.  It is not wise to confuse your compiler. Note also that the numbers are separated by commas.  You will want to remember these things when you get an error message.
If you need to convert between the number system used in scripts and the system used in the texture window:
Script numbers to texture window numbers:
Multiply script numbers by 255 and round
Texture window numbers to script numbers
Divide texture window numbers by 255.  

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