Friday, July 22, 2011

2013 PROMO: Does your profile promote your projects?

Your profile goes farther now.  Does it say what you want?
Your profile is on the web.  For everybody to see.  For Google to search.  Unless you turned it off with the privacy settings.
Preferences, Privacy
Second Life is already using your profile to suggest friends for you
You can use your profile to promote your projects.  If you want to.
My profile with places I can use 
to promote my projects
Click image to enlarge.
In the current version of Second Life profiles, you can enter your interests as in the screen shot above.  Each of those entries becomes a button you can use to search for other people who have listed a similar interest.  Or other people can search for you in the same way.  

Result of a search for comedy
One of my projects (with Lauren Weyland) is promoting comedy in Second Life.  So I have that listed in my interests.  People who look at my profile, can see that I am interested in comedy.
The above screen shot shows a little of what I got when I searched for comedy.  A good start.  Not everything I want, but a least I can find some people who are interested in comedy.
My quick wish list: subset search for
  • People near me
  • People in a group
  • People on my friends list.
Search with Google 
A Second Life profile is now a web page.  Searched by Google.  And by you if you please.  It would come up in any search for your avatar name.  But if you have done much under that name, you will be swamped with the resulting list. So you will want to narrow the search.
Cut to the chase with these search terms:
thinkerer evans
That will get my profile.  If you would rather find your profile, take out the thinkerer evans part and put in your avatar name.  If you get too many results, put "about me" (with the quotes) in the search terms.  That is a standard phrase in profiles, but rare elsewhere
The part about limits the search to the Second Life subsite that has the profiles.
Note that period between my and secondlife.
Serious search
Now switch views.  You don't care about finding yourself.  Maybe you want to find people with a particular interest or skill.  Here are my preliminary tests.
Back to my interest in comedy.  Search terms:
comedy "about me"
Over 500 returns, including:
About Me. FOR SALE Presenting LaurenLive, a stand-up live comedy routine
Too big a search set for careful examination. But I noticed a better term: comedian 
comedian "about me"
That got 61 returns, including several other comedians that I know.   
Another search scenario:  Somebody wants to do a video in Second Life.  And yes, that has happened.  Somebody wants to find people with video-making experience.  
Search terms:
machinima "about me"
Over 500 returns, including:
Chantal Harvey is a resident of Second Life.  Producer of the 48 Hour Project for machinima * Member LEA.
Again, too big a search set.  And again, a useful term to add:
machinima LEA "about me"
That got 4 returns.
You can easily try your own searches.  Just copy a search list above and put in terms that apply to what you want to find.  I wonder if there is already a matchmaker site based on searching these profiles.  If so, perhaps somebody will add a comment to tell us about it .


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