Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2013 ART: UWA challenge, June Round

UWA challenge, June Round
Always in motion is this art.  Or waiting for you to command a change.  These are samples from the pieces entered in the June round of  UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.
Artists alert: UWA 3D Open Art Challenge (reminder) 
L$1,000,000 Prize Pool for the year
Last October: UWA 3D Open Art Challenge Begins! 
Click on a picture to enlarge it.  You can copy these images or copy the url for reuse on the web if you credit this blog as the source.
5x8 Compound Cube
Wizard Gynoid
You really had to be there.  Ever-changing shape.  Colors show and vanish. Spikes erupt and sink.   

Here comes the sun
Sledge Roffo
Stargate Pyramid:  
A monument to time travel
You have to go into this one.  Look at the inner chamber below.  A stargate.  You dial for a destination. And you can go there if you choose.
Widestyle 1  
Nettrice Beattie 

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