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2020 : #VWEDU: #DTA: WW: Onbording plan from web-worlds to installed virtual worlds

Onbording plans
from web-worlds to 
installed virtual worlds

Installed virtual worlds can offer elaborate places, but they are not easy to get to.  Web-worlds are easy to get to, but can't offer elaborate places.  They could work together, with web-worlds as a transition path to installed virtual worlds.
Web-world for nonprofits 
and public service organizations
  • People can have meetings in a web-world--talk, offer web links, show slides.
  • And do pretty much everything we used to do in meetings--except for the doughnuts.
  • People can come and go as needed--no special actions to bring them in.
  • No travel time, no travel costs. Just something that runs a browser with mic.
  • Meeting for a conference, presentation, or class can work well
  • And a meeting in a web-world can show people why they want to install a viewer. 
  • Bringing OpenSim and web-worlds together: Web-world on the landing page

The registration/download/install barrier

  • When you go to a web page you expect to start using immediately. 
  • You don't expect to be asked to give your name, email address, and password.
  • Do they want your email address so they can spam you?
  • Will they sell your email address?
  • You never reuse a password, so you have to make up one and store it.
  • But it gets worse.  You have to download and install a viewer on your computer.
  • What fraction of web users will feel comfortable installing software? 
  • Can they know it does not contain malware?  Shouldn't they worry about that?
  • If they are just curious, they don't even know whether they want an account.
  • But if they don't get an account, they never know whether they will like it or not.
  • Unless they try a web-world
  • Web-worlds are easy to get to. Here are a couple of examples.



Onboarding from web-worlds to installed virtual worlds

Can you connect a web-world to a place in a virtual world?

  • We can convert an OAR file to glTF:
  • Importing OAR files from OpenSim to Web Worlds: Convoar
  • The welcome area in the web-world can look like the welcome area in the virtual world.
  • Signs and web links can be duplicated.
  • Videos made in one world will look familiar to people in the other world.
  • TBD: SceneGate viewer is being developed to allow a choice of voice systems.
  • A voice system is in development to work in both web-worlds and SceneGate.
  • That system will let people in either world talk to each other.
  • A web-world is a web page and so can handle grid registration
  • A web-world can initiate downloading of an install file for SceneGate.
  • The installation of SceneGate will be made as simple as possible.
  • Web-worlds can have avatars like those in virtual worlds.
  • And some avatars can be dressed by their owners.
  • 3DWebWorldz introduces human-like avatars in its 2020 upgrade

A model for onboarding in OpenSim

  • Who wants to do onboarding?
  • My first candidate is educational institutions.
  • Especially those using the Kitely Organization feature.
  • Or institutions running their own grids.

On-boarding model for institutions

  • An institution would use a 3D grid as a tool, just as it uses the flat web
  • It already has a web site telling about its offerings and managing its online courses.
  • It would view a 3D capability as a value-added feature for its existing offerings.
  • It would treat a web-world as its online welcome office.  
  • The web-world would be prominently placed on its web site. 
  • On arrival at the web site a visitor would get the invitation:
  • "Visit us in our virtual office."  
  • The virtual office looks like the entry to the main building.
  • The 3D structure can be derived from the existing building.
  • A sign advises: Click the picture to start
  • Here there would be a choice of avatars.
  • Them more advice: Use keyboard up arrow to walk forward, left arrow to turn.
  • On entry, the visitor walks down a hall with promotional posters.
  • And enters an office.  During business hours, there will be an avatar at the desk.
  • The avatar will be controlled and voiced by a human.  
  • The human is not there all the time.  The web-world signals when someone enters.
  • That walk down the hall gives time for the human to get ready to welcome.
  • The human has other duties, such as answering text queries and welcoming physical visitors.
  • The human provides help as needed, including talking the person though the download/install barrier.

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