Saturday, June 20, 2020

2020 #WVEDU: WW: DIG: Online whiteboards for your students to draw on. Yes, draw as on a physical whiteboard. Teachers of art and mathematics note .

Online whiteboards for your students to draw on. 
Yes, draw as on a physical whiteboard.  
Teachers of art and mathematics note.  

The day of the digitals.  Digitals talking to digitals.  But there are lots of us now.   Especially with the growing number of teaching digitals.  This is not just about whiteboards.  It is about the developing ecology and economy of the digitals.    

After the break

  • How would this work in a web-world?
  • Can I record the whiteboards for later use elsewhere?
  • Do digitals work online?


How would this work in a web-world?

  • If it has a public url, it should display as other web pages do.
  • If not, students can display it in another browser tab.  
  • Voice in a web-world persists when other tabs are open.

Can I record the whiteboards for later use elsewhere?

Do digitals work online?


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