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2920 #VWEDU: #DTA: Get and use pictures in SceneGate: A DTA content page.

Get and use pictures in SceneGate: 
A DTA content page.

Simple user instructions to help beginners get and use pictures in Scenegate. License: public domain.
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Get pictures in SceneGate 

  • You must use extended mode  to get the snapshot feature.

How to shift to extended mode

  • For experienced users only:
  • Open Preferences.
  • Click Mode.
  • Select extended mode.
  • Log out and log in again.
  • Your viewer will start in the extended mode.
  • To return to the simple mode, use the steps above, select simple mode
  • SceneGate has an extended mode for experienced users

            Scenegate buttons 
            Snapshot button added 

            Add the Snapshot button to your screen

            • Right click in a toolbar area. On the dropdown, click "Toolbar Buttons."
            • Drag the Snapshot button to a toolbar area.

            Use the Snapshot button

            • Take a test shot of anything.  Center your screen on what you want to show.
            • Click the Snapshot (camera) button.
            • The picture will capture your viewer screen or the central part of it.
            • You will get a drop down menu to tell the system what to do with the picture.
            • You probably want to save the image to your computer.
            • You may want to give the image a name you will recognize later.
            • It will save as a .jpg file.  Make a note of the folder it is going to.
            • If you are working on a project, you may want to make a project folder for it.
            • The system will probably remember your save folder for a while.

            Get screenshots

            Get pictures from the web

            Upload pictures to SceneGate

            • Click the inventory button.
            • Click the + sign (bottom left)
            • On the resulting menu, click Upload, then Image.
            • (You can use bulk upload for multiple images.)
            • The images will load into your inventory in the Textures folder.

            Use pictures in SceneGate

            Edit your pictures

            • Free image editing software: The GIMP 
            • Commercial image editing software: Photoshop

            Badge: photographer

            • Apprentice:  Get and post photographs from a digital place.
            • Journeyman:  Also upload pictures and use them on posters or a slideshow.
            • Master: Teach others how to get and use pictures.

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