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2020 #VWEDU: #DTA: The DTA can teach "how to read for study." Did you understand what you read? Self-test. Stimulate reflection on study skills

The DTA can teach "how to read for study."   
Did you understand what you read?  
Self-test. Stimulate reflection on study skills 

The skill of studying.  The content changes, but the skill transfers and develops with new content.  It is actually learning how to learn (unrecognized).  If it were recognized as a learning objective, the teaching would be more effective and more efficient.  This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
  • "Your task is to read chapter 10."
  • What does to read mean in this context?
  • In the old, knowledge-based learning it means be able to answer questions on it.
  • That calls for more effort than just reading it.
  • In the new, project-based learning, the task is "be able to use the information in your project."
  • Learning how to learn.


  • Warm up
  • Self test questions
  • DTA Challenge
  • Did you understand what you read?
  • Self-test questions
  • Will the student use these self-test questions?
  • Stimulate reflection


Warm up 

  • Skim through and note every emphasized term.
  • Emphasizedbolditalics, section headings, figure captions, and the first sentence of each section.
  • Be sure you understand what these mean and how they connect with things you already know

Self test question

  • Pick any term and explain to yourself what it means and how it relates to something you already know

DTA challenge 

  • Optional, for those that need it
  • DTA selects a term at random:
  • "Explain what it means and how it relates to something you already know."
  • Answer orally using the DTA recorder.
  • Is there a DTA recorder? Only if you provide one.

Did you understand what you read?

Self-test questions

  • What are the three main points?
  • How do those three points connect with something you already knew?
  • Mention three new words or concepts.
  • What are three key search terms to find out more about this topic?
  • What are three questions likely to be on a multiple choice test?
  • What are three questions likely to be on a short answer test?
  • What is one question likely to be on an essay test?
  • What is the main thing a person should learn from this reading?

Will the student use the self-test questions?

  • If yes for this student, skip this section.
  • If no, ask the student to give oral answers to two of them.
  • In remote learning, let the student give oral answers, with the DTA recording. 

Stimulate reflection

  • Reflection in education (search)
  • Reflective practice - Wikipedia
  • Will the student reflect on this experience? If yes, skip this section.
  • What did you do well in answering the questions? 
  • Why did you do well on that?
  • What answer were you least satisfied with? 
  • What could you have done that might made your study more effective?

Did I leave something out?

  • No doubt.
  • Somebody may tell me and I will put it right here.
  • That is the way design thinking works.

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