Monday, February 10, 2020

2020 Digitals: OpenSim: SceneGate and Firestorm: their scripts don't mix easily. It helps to know what to expect.

SceneGate and Firestorm: 
their scripts don't mix easily.  
It helps to know what to expect.

A bit of information on how SceneGate may display an existing script saved in Firestorm.  
Top of script in SceneGate

Edited from Firestorm script
  • Note that what was stored was in mono.

A little problem

  • People probably stick to one viewer when scripting.
  • If you do that, you can ignore this article.
  • But some people are starting to use SceneGate
  • Some people will modify a script that was saved in Firestorm.
  • They may get the unexpected result above.  
  • There is really nothing wrong.  It just looks that way. 
  • The full story below the break.


The original in Firestorm

  • The previous script in Firestorm looked like this:

 Firestorm script

  • I don't know what the script decompiler had to do to create something I could read.
  • But evidently the SceneGate version did not like the Firestorm work.  
  • So it rewrote the script below that unprocessed segment.  

The rewrite looks just like the original  

  • Here is the rewrite:
Bottom part of SceneGate script
  • That part looks like script that is processed.  And sure enough, it is.
  • When I change the text in quotes, the change appears in the floating text on the prim.
  • That is just as It should be.  And you have already guessed rest of the story:
  • When I change the text in the top, unprocessed segment, nothing changes.
  • I could have guessed it would work that way.  But I still had to test it--and report it.

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