Friday, February 14, 2020

2030 WW: Starting in 3DWW: Simplified screen controls for new people, especially guests.

Simplified 3DWW2020 screen controls 
for new people, especially guests.

Beginner-friendly revisions to 3DWebWorldz are explained.
Beginner buttons for 3DWW
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  • Hover the cursor over a button to see what it does.

  • You can enter the three dimensional place 3DWebWorldz as a guest.
  • No registration, nothing to install--it runs in your browser.
  • Since you don't register, the system won't know you when you come back.
  • And you don't want to try everything the place has to offer anyway.
  • So the buttons on the starter screen only do what a guest can reasonably do. 
  • Even those are more than you will want to do on your first visit.
  • So after the break I will tell about the buttons in use clusters.
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary


  • Move, walk around
  • Talk
  • Chat (Type)
  • Events
  • View
  • Lighting adjustment
  • Fix the wonkies


Move, walk around 

  • No screen buttons for this, but it is the first thing you will want to know.
  • In the first orientation yard, there is a sign:
Movement instructions
  • Don't bother figuring all that out.
  • First click the screen.  
  • Second, briefly press the up arrow on your keyboard. 
  • If you don"t have an up arrow, press the instead.  
  • Third, briefly press the left arrow key or the A.
  • You will notice what your avatar does in response to those actions.
  • From that you will figure out how to move your avatar.
  • To get your cursor back to normal use, press the escape key.


  • The microphone button turns on voice.
  • Then you can hear what other people are saying and talk to them.
  • A laptop may have all you need. For a desktop, you need headphones with a boom mic.
  • If you have conversations with others where you are, better turn off your mic.

Chat (Type)

  • Easiest: Type in the local chat panel, press send.
  • More capability: press the Chat button to get the main chat panel.
  • The main chat panel has a worldwide option that sends your message to everyone in 3DWW.
  • The region (local) option sends the message to the people where you are.
  • Try the pop out button on the main chat panel.
  • That puts the panel in another browser window where the chat has more room.
  • You can close the chat panel on your 3D screen to see the place better. 


  • Musical, literary, funny, informative, theatrical, writing, educational events.
  • Conferences, meetings, discussions.  All these are possible.
  • Events have a time and place. See those with the future events calendar button.
  • The musical note button turns on the audio stream for music.
  • The events button opens a panel for you to join a video stream.  (You need a code to join.)
  • You may want the dancing figure button for musical events. it lets you animate your avatar.  


  • The figure with the rings around it marks the teleporter button.  
  • The rings probably refer to the Stargate rings.
  • Click this button to see a directory of available destinations.
  • Click the name of the destination to go there.


  • The camera buttons let you select a view.
  • The mirror button shows frontal view of your avatar.
  • The 3RD button gives an over-the- shoulder view as by a 3rd person behind you.
  • The Free Cam button lets you move the viewpoint away from the avatar.

Lighting adjustment

  • Click the lightbulb to adjust the lighting.

Fix the wonkies

  • The circling arrows button reloads the 3D web page.
  • Use that if the page is not working as you expect.

The top and side buttons 

  • When you are ready to level up, check out the top buttons.
  • Each will drop down several options for you.
  • You are probably ready to level up when the button names make sense to you.
  • The side buttons connect with the outside.  
  • The text and hover text probably give adequate information. 
  • For more information on a side button, click it.
Upper right buttons

Visit me on the web

  • Drop by my web offices Weekdays: 12:-12:30 pm Central time (US)
  • I am available for free consulting on any topic in this blog.
  • Cybalounge and 3DWebWorldz (Orientation room)
  • I will be in both places, so you may need to speak to get my attention.
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary
  • And we can visit the Writer's Workshop on the Web
  • Don't register -- enter as guest.  


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  1. Worth noting - if you are a registered member of 3DWW, in the top right menu, you can actually customize what shows up in the bottom left main menu. Under the "Avatar" tab, choose "Customize User Interface" and click the radio buttons next to the items you would like to display. Your choices will persist between logins, but can be changed at any time.