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2018 EDU: Pompeii reconstruction: a villa near Pompeii

Pompeii reconstruction: a villa near Pompeii 

The project Pompeii reconstruction aims to reconstruct the currently known buildings and objects contained within the archaeological sites of Pompeii in a virtual environment (virtual reality) as fully and completely as possible. The result of that work is meant to be accessible to the public free of charge.

The villa and the road
Vesuvius looms
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Along the road
The Pompeii project is headed by Metropolis builder Pixel Prim, who up to this point has also carried out all planning, research and construction activities.
Villa Diomedes
A look inside
Inside: an open courtyard
Another inner courtyard
Outdoors brought inside
  • You do that in a benign climate.
Down in the large courtyard
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Ready for people to enjoy
The initiators of this Pompeii project have a reconstruction in mind that it as closely related to actual structural conditions of Pompeii as possible. This would also encompass appropriate portrayal of furnishings, paintings, sculptures and objects of daily life.
"Very natural"
  • We know what they did not.
View looking towards Pompeii 
and the looming Vesuvius

"Hereby we would like to encourage all interested and competent builders to contribute to the Pompeii project - in whatever form. We appreciate any help! Interested persons should please contact the Gridmaster."


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