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2018 WW: Oars transferred from OpenSim to 3DWebWorldz

Oars transferred from OpenSim 
to 3DWebWorldz

Overview, front campus
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  • MisterblueGuy is preparing conversion software to move OARs to web-worlds.
  • Here are some scenes from one OAR he has converted.
  • As of this writing, this imported OAR is in 3DWebWorldz
  • Look in the login location for Misterblue's sandbox-- two are not private
  • This one is "Sandbox--MisterBlue's OAR test IST campus."

Back story

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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming



          Overview, plaza and walkways
          • Everything is phantom, but in 3DWW avatars can fly 
          • Physics makes things solid.  It is not importing right yet.
          Boxes on the plaza
          • Signs are properly rendered
          A covered walkway
          • The appearance of the buildings and grounds is maintained 
          Entrance to a building
          • Doors should be open in the OAR
          • Closed doors will need to be scripted to open.
          • Avatars can walk though closed doors, but that is unnatural.
          Entrance to another building
          • Open doors say "Come in."
          • Closed doors are unfriendly.
          Lobby in one building
          • Scripting does not import.
          • Scripting will have to be redone in Javascript.
          Lobby in another building
          • Interior design renders well.
          • Chairs will need scripting to support sitting. 
          Looking outside
          • Interior and exterior can work together.
          Overview poolside
          • Architecture imports well.
          Another view of the campus
          • Landscaping renders well.

          Trees do not render well

           Trees imported with OAR
          Trees in Cybalounge (recent feature)
          • Cybalounge has a different way of producing trees. 
          • A tree looks very natural and uses only 2 triangles. 
          • Does not involve transparencies. 
          • Users may prefer to remove trees to prepare for the OAR save.
          • Then replace them with the Cybalounge version after import.

          Preliminary observations

          • I got about 60 FPS on my fairly powerful machine and no lag, but loading was slow.
          • Others, with less capable machines experienced 5 FPS and unacceptable lag.
          • This probably means that we do not want to put that much stuff into a web-world.
          • We can do with less--we can break a sim into several parts and make several OARS.
          • That would make several pages with TP for travel.


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