Tuesday, January 30, 2018

2018 GAME: TKR: Problems and the seven gates to solving them. Like a game. Coincidence? Or something else?

Problems and the seven gates to solving them.  
Like a game.  Coincidence?  Or something else?
The standard problem-solving routine recast in standard game format.  In this form, people familiar with games may find it easier to follow. 

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1. What is the problem?  How will you know when you have it solved?

  • Treat it like a puzzle.  
  • Assume that the obvious answer is not the right one.  
  • Ask yourself why you want to solve that problem.  
  • Ask yourself if there is a way to bypass the problem. 
  • When you have it solved, you are finished.
  • When you are satisfied that you really understand the problem you pass the first gate. 

2.  Find 10 solutions

  • Collect 10 Solutions.  
  • What is the first solution that you thought of?
  • Ask your friends.
  • Tell them this is a online game you are playing
  • When you have 10 solutions, you pass through the second gate.
  • If you now know the best solution now, you have won the game! 
  • Go put that solution in action!

3.  What solutions are the best?

  • Write the 10 solutions on 10 lines of  your word processor.  
  • Rearrange them in order best to worst. Save that arrangement.
  • Rearrange them from easiest to hardest.  Save that arrangement.
  • When you have these arrangements you have passed through the third gate.
  • If you now see how to carry out the best solution, you have won the game.
  • Go put that solution into action

5.  What must you do to use the best solution?

  • Make a list of everything you have to do to carry out the best solution.
  • Don't list what somebody else has to do.  
  • If somebody else has to do it, what will you have to get them to do it.

  • Is making that list too much trouble?  
  • Writing a list is not near as much trouble as actually doing the jobs
  • If the list is too much trouble, maybe you want to reconsider the best solution.

  • Do you know you can do everything you have to do to carry out the best solution? 
  • Are you willing to do all those things?
  • If so, you have a solution.  Go put it in action.  You have won the game

6.   Find another best solution

  • If you did not finish at gate 5,  you were wrong about the best solution.
  • Pick another best solution and go back to Gate 5
  • If you have run out of solutions, go to Gate 7

7.    Redefine the problem

  • What obstacle is keeping you from solving the problem?
  • Is that obstacle the real problem?  
  • Is that obstacle an assumption you are making about the objective?
  • Do you have to make that assumption? 

  • Reconsider why you want to solve that problem.
  • Is there another way to get what you want that will bypass the problem?

  • If you can redefine the problem, go back to Gate 1

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