Saturday, September 29, 2018

2018 EDU: NERDs of the north: Nerd is a four-letter word with a six-figure salary. Kitely virtual site

NERDs of the north:   
Nerd is a four-letter word 
with a six-figure salary

NERDs are welcome in OpenSim.   Here a group of self-confessed NERDs moves into Kitely with an educational world (under development).   

OpenSim Welcomes NERDs 

  • Some of us were NERDs before NERDing was cool.  
  • Actually, it was NERDs and ex-NERDs that built and are building OpenSim. 

Go there

  • Dimond High Biology and Engineering VR Lab 
  • Closed to HG.  In Kitely: 
  • hop://
  • Web link
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 Dimond High Biology 
and Engineering VR Lab
 Cell biology

 Major parts of a cell
Click image to enlarge

 The scientific method

 Flowchart for 
the scientific method
Curiosity Rover (Mars) 
 Problems to be solved 

 The yellow things are sticky notes




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