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2016 HELP: Running a big region in OpenSim. Lagbusters

Running a big region in OpenSim
OpenSim allows Varregons much larger than the old standard of 256X256 meters.  Kitely offers 1012X1012m.  (1012 m. is about .6 mile.)  Other places may offer even bigger regions. These are still running on one server, though, so they don't have a corresponding increase in prim or avatar capacity.  (Kitely Advaced Worlds have a substantial increase, but not enough to fill the area.)   Here  are some suggestions for building and operating such a region for public use.
Walkin TPs at Cookie II entry point

  • The standard arrival point is at 128,128 in the southwest corner.
  • Best take that and work with it.  
  • A big region is too large to expect people to find places without help.  
  • Walkin TP's are a good way to get visitors to their destinations.
  • If the walkins at Cookie II entry point are not free to copy, 
  • go to the Hobo Sandbox entry and take a copy of the Thinkerer box there.
  • Phantoms are good for your virtual world
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For a big region

  • Don't try to have lots of avatars and lots of prims in the same sim
  • In a large region, think doughnut.  Leave a low prim hole in the middle.
  • Include lakes and waterways.  Pleasant, low prim view.
  • Add canoes or other boats for incidental entertainment of visitors.
  • You can find those on the Kitely Market
Cookie II map in Kitely
  • The doughnut plan for a big region
 Central lagoon in Cookie II

Reuse textures and objects

  • If you have an extra copy in your inventory, best delete it.
  • Or put it in a backup folder, where you won't use it.
  • The system will think the other copy is different and load both.

Don't put lots of avatars in a big region

  • For lots of avatars, use a small place.
  • Have seats for all the avatars and get everyone seated.


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