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2018 EDU: Reinventing school for the Tech Generations. Virtual libraries on the web.

Reinventing school for 
the Tech Generations
Online instruction can cut the cost of learning, fit instructional methods to the needs of students,  provide increased experience in collaborative work, provide assistance to local teachers, and offer a wider range of instructional content.  Here are some ways to start that.

The modern school
The empty classroom

If students re-imagined school...

  • If students re-imagined school, this is what it would look like--
  • from by Mary Kenkel    
  • Cater to all types of learning. 
  • Measure mastery by-products: presentations, portfolios, essays, projects.
  • Expose students to career opportunities. 
  • Put students in charge of their own learning. 
  • Use technology as a tool to enhance learning.  
  • Allow for learning throughout the community (beyond the classroom)
  • Allow for learning at a time that suits the student.
  • Build personalized learning for all students, regardless of zip code or ability. 
  • Create different levels of mastery for each subject. 
  • Get rid of traditional grade levels based on age.
  • Provide learning guides and coaches to help students throughout the system.
  • Tailor learning to students’ interests. 

"We can't afford to do all that"

  • Of course not. So you look for web-based resources.
  • Web-based resources can spread the cost over a large number of users.
  • You buy just the support you need.  You get just the expertize you need.  
  • You let your teachers do what they do best: face-to-face help for students who need it.
  • You put the rest of the load on web-based Teacher's Assistants 
  • Web TAs have the specialized training and resources needed for their specific tasks.
  • Why high schools teach tolerance for boredom and what they can do about it.

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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


Example online schools and resources

Libraries provide access to a world of resources

  • Only to those who use them.  
  • The Tech Generation can use online libraries
  • In their own homes.
  • And they can use virtual libraries in virtual worlds.

Virtual world libraries

What does a virtual world offer that a web page does not?

  • People.  
  • A million people may be looking at that web page.
  • But you are all alone.
  • In a virtual world, you see avatars representing people 
  • You can talk to them. You can ask for help.  
  • You can look for people who share your interests.  
  • You can look for people who might want to collaborate with you.
  • You can start collaborating with people.
  • You can start learning with other people learning the same thing.
  • Or perhaps with docents, tutors, or instructors. 

Libraries in virtual worlds

Web-worlds run in a browser

    Two Web-worlds in public beta



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