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2018 EDU: Language learning in virtual reality. Learn It Town sim: ESL (VWMOOC)

Language learning in virtual reality. 
Learn It Town sim: ESL (VWMOOC)

VWMOOC visited Learn It Town in Second Life.  Here is a report on some of the things we saw.
VWMOOC at the Learn It Town welcome area 
for an introductory talk
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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming

 This week's lesson
  • Yes, it is that much like a school.
  • And they do provide certificates.
  • But for languages, the real test is whether you can converse with native speakers.
At a supermarket
  • Much of the learning is in everyday environments.
  • Much of the practice is talking about everyday activities.
 Do you know how to talk 
about seafood?

The checkout area 
  • To check out you need to talk about purchases and the money to pay.
  • You learn the words in the place where you will need them.
  • Situated learning
 A pet shop needs a new vocabulary
  • Not just for pets, but for things that go along with them

A laundry
  • With equipment you can operate
  • And talk about operating.  
  • Talking about action builds your skills with verbs.
People playing in the park
  • Talking about things builds noun skills.
  • Talking about doing things builds verb skills
 A zoo has it own vocabulary
  • And a watering hole has its vocabulary too
Avatars are Toons
  • Toons 
  • That's why we are not afraid of the tiger.
The VWMOOC group gathers in the zoo

There is a house to talk about
  • You can talk about things in the house.
  • And about what happens in a house.
Meals are always conversational

 The library has plenty 
of free reading material


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