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2016 EDU: GM: WRITE: Literacy game in virtual worlds. The Mythical World of Hīnātore

The Mythical World of Hīnātore, 
literacy game in virtual world
Updated 2/18/2016
Goal: improve reading and writing skills in English to people beyond school. Method: Create a game which requires reading to know what to do and requires acceptable writing skills to meet the challenges.
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          A Legend 
          • As with any game, there are challenges to overcome.
          • Here the challenges are about writing skills.
          • As you walk the path, advice comes in the form of rules that float up around you.
          • You will need some of these rules to meet the challenges.
          • (So you have to remember them.)
          "There is a sense of team in virtual worlds already, because you are in essence all going somewhere else together, participating in a unique experience. Sivan (2012, p. 6) espouses the arguments of Bransford and Gawel when discussing Second Life, that there is a “sense of sharing”, of going somewhere new where it requires “one another’s help to thrive and survive”. By just being in a virtual world, a prevailing collaborative mood is already the background story, therefore continuing this notion of supportive community into the game-play narration is a natural evolution. "    (Griffiths, 2013)
          "The Target Audience: The target audience for the lesson are generally in their late teens to early twenties, though a small percentage each year consists of adult learners retraining. They are all now first year tertiary students studying at the Manukau Institute of Technology and primarily from South Auckland, New Zealand, an area with a relatively large Māori and Pacific Island population. There is a predominance of low income families, often living in poor quality, over-crowded rental housing. "    
          (Griffiths, 2013)
          A piece of the rainbow.
          • Your challenges require you to recover the rainbow, piece by piece by piece
          • You find the pieces as colored rocks.
          • You get the piece by answering a (test) question correctly.
          • You may have to correct a sentence, 
          • or use given words to make a sentence.
          • You see your achievement in the rainbow,
          The rainbow gives my score
          "The application requires outcomes that will have students recognize a well-structured sentence, help them to identify a complete sentence and help them identify solutions to common problems in grammatical structure. It suggests teams will compete in a game-like quest, with obstacles to the final “treasure” solved through correct solutions to sentence structure. The basics of sentence structure are to be taught off world prior to logging on to the game. "  
          (Griffiths, 2013)
          "Because culture, identity, and sense of self and community have such high value, embracing these aspects and integrating them into the learning can be beneficial. By using a virtual world to create a culturally relevant environment, the potential is there “to foster the development of community as well as improved performance through authentic learning” (Chapman, and Stone, 2010, p. 666). Students form a cognitive impression of their learning space, even when virtual, and experience an associated emotional response. A positive response will not only facilitate learning but will develop in students a sense of attachment to that learning space. "  (Griffiths, 2013)  
          This video was made as a response to initial research with students playing the game. The video addresses common errors in play, is designed to be instructional and lead to a fun game-play experience. 
          Griffiths, A. (2013) Lesson Plan and Critical Commentary. Available from:


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