Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2018 HG: Hypergriders: What happens if your grid fails? Can you keep your stuff? Can you keep your friends?

What happens if your grid fails?  
Can you keep your stuff?  
Can you keep your friends?

What can you do to protect yourself from the closure of your grid and to minimize the consequences if it happens?
Nothing stinks like the smell of losing everything you’ve built due to choosing the wrong provider. --   Terry Ford, Digiworldz

Grids can fail in three ways

  • Go out of business, close
  • Have a software catastrophe with extensive loss or corruption of files.
  • Yield to a DDOS attack.

If your grid fails, you have questions

  • Can you keep your stuff?
  • Can you keep your friends?
  • Can you keep your (business, entertainment) location?

What can you do to avoid problems? 

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Can you keep your stuff?

Find out about the practices on your grid

Can you keep your friends?

  • Your friends are still friends, but you need a new way to communicate. 

Keep alternative contact routes in email and social media.

  • Maybe your grid should have its own G+ community
  • Kitely Virtual
  • If you are in an active community, maybe it should have a G+ presence.

Can you keep your (business, entertainment) location?

  • No.  That is a loss of previous marketing.
  • If you expect your location to have value, check out the location carefully.
  • You build value into your location through promotion and marketing.
  • Your fans and customers already have your location.
  • You don't want to go through the same effort again.
  • Be sure you don't pay for lower costs with higher risks.

Keep alternative sales and promotion routes in web markets and social media.


  • You can make a backup to OAR yourself 
  • (don't have to file a request ticket and wait for service).
  • 24/7 uptime
  • Automatic grid backup.
  • Grid support to bring traffic to your place?
  • Promotion by the grid, web visibility
  • Hypergrid access?  Hypergrid can bring lots more people to your place. 
  • Number of local (to you) people on the grid
  • Language other than English, if that suits you better
  • Servers near you?  You may get better service with shorter distances.
  • Server resources: Bandwidth and best servers may give you better service.
  • Lifestyle (eg.LGBT friendly)
  • Active community promoting community interests.
  • Visibility on the web? Can people find your place in a web search?
  • Direct access: can people TP directly to your place?
  • Help/service, problem resolution (fast)
  • Inworld currency.  Exchangeable for dollars?
  • Price (Nothing is cheap if it is not what you need.)
  • Have they been in operation long enough to show staying power?




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