Tuesday, September 25, 2018

2018 ART: The ZEROG SkyDance performance company. What would virtual worlds performing art look like?

The ZEROG SkyDance performance company.  
What would virtual worlds performing art look like?

Zero Gravity dance in a virtual world.  Performance art in virtual worlds. 

  • Watch on Youtube SkyDance 1
  • SkyDance 1 was performed live for: 
  • the 2006 International Symposium for Electronic Arts, 
  • the first ZERO1 Biennial in San Jose California and 
  • the Bumbershoots Festival in Seattle. 
The ZEROG SkyDance performance company was born in June of 2006 as an experiment asking the question: What would a virtual worlds performing art look like, and would it be interesting? A growing audience was already in Second Life dressed up and looking for interesting experiences. --DC Spensley


  • Kokoro Fasching
  • Deborah Strangelove
  • Anhinga Chaika
  • Kumi Kuhr
  • Original score by: Mick Mahoney remixed by DC Spensley
  • Standard definition machinima by: Tao Takahashi and InKenzo
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