Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018 WW: HG: IMA: Web-worlds and OpenSim coming together

Web-worlds and OpenSim 
working together

Web-worlds and OpenSimulator are developing interconnections that make use of the strong points of each system.  In the future. web-worlds will serve limited needs on their own and will help users get into installed virtual worlds when more powerful services are needed.
Murky Mansion on Kitely 
Murky Mansion on 3DWW

Two Web worlds in public beta

  • 3DWebWorldz
  • CybaLOUNGE
  • You can visit either of these as a guest, without registering.
  • Guest entry encourages enter-on-impulse 


What connections do we have now?

  • The biggest: Virtual worlders are bringing their experience to web-worlds.
  • We can move objects and OARS from OpenSim to web-worlds.
  • Importing OAR files from OpenSim to Web Worlds: Convoar
  • Thus we can replicate simple OpenSim worlds in web-worlds.  
  • We can share events between worlds
  • We can share chat between worlds 
  • Dual streaming to Open Sim and 3DWebWorldz
  • With the aid of Discord we can share voice between worlds.
  • A specialized viewer could use Freeswitch, which is already used in web-worlds.
  • We expect that most building will be done in OpenSim, where it is easy.
  • We can then move completed builds to web-worlds.
  • Content creators may consider selling web-world files from their websites.
  • Alternatively, Kitely Market could sell directly to web-worlds.

What do we not have? 

  • The main thing we don't have is a direct entry from web-worlds to OpenSim.
  • We have web senders.  We could send a visitor to Firestorm to load a viewer.
  • We could send a visitor to a grid registration page.
  • We could talk an interested visitor through all that. 
  • And we could meet visitors when they come in.  
  • We would want to meet them in a place that looks like the web-world they know.

What do we need? 

  • A viewer with maximum simplicity in installing.  
  • Firestorm may have reached that level already
  • A simple beginner's viewer offering only the services beginners need. 
  • A cooperating grid that accepts the registration from the web-world site.
  • So a web-world resident enters the grid with the same name and password.
  • So we tell the person "Click the GoPro panel to go to OpenSim."
  • We will probably want to install the viewer from a site under our control.
  • That way we can make the installation as simple as possible.  
  • And the person can go directly from viewer installation to a cooperating grid. 
  • We can talk the person through the installation as needed.
  • And we can meet the newcomer at the arrival point.  

Roadmap for connecting web-worlds and Open-sim

  • Import OARS
  • Oars transferred from OpenSim to 3DWebWorldz
  • Shared IM (TBD needs viewer changes) 
  • Shared voice  (TBD requires viewer changes)
  • Shared performances (Hase been done, no tech problems)
  • Instructions for OS entry (TBD No tech problems)
  • Put web-world on grid registration page. (TBD needs grid cooperation) 
  • Offer welcome times (TBD needs volunteers or pay)
  • Simplify grid entry (TBD needs grid cooperation)


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  1. Comment from Roberto Adams
    It's great seeing more OpenSimulator OARs converted for use in Web-Worlds. To add to your reporting on the Convoar OAR file converter (""), the source , binaries, and instructions for Convoar are available at "" and examples of other converted OARs are at "".

    Hope things are going well for you!


    == robert adams
    Thank you Robert