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2015 TKR: Being One--get your whole head behind you. A truly subversive idea

Being One--get your whole head behind you
A truly subversive idea


Do you sometimes feel that parts of your mind are pulling in different directions? You may be right. Your brain does a number of jobs at the same time. Those jobs run in different parts of your brain. The parts don’t all march to the same drummer. Here are a few simple things you can do to get the parts in step. Then you are the drummer.
  • Some people just talk a good game.
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News and Notes

    Take your language channel.  That is the part of you that talks.  Sometimes aloud.  Sometimes to yourself.  But it is all talk.
    • If talking were walking people would get farther 
    You sometimes hear a language channel complain about how it can’t control the other parts of the brain. You often get advice from somebody’s language channel about how your language channel can get better control of what you do.    You often hear a language channel make a resolution.
    Resolutions and How To Break Them
    • I give myself such very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. 

    Language channels don’t always run things. 

    • Then people talk about internal conflict
    • As if different parts of themselves were working at cross purposes
    • As if they had different parts of their brains with conflicting objectives
    • As if they could not get those parts to cooperate in a team effort
    •  As if there were something wrong with that situation. 
    • Will-power and other myths.
    • You can do more if you get your whole head behind you.

    Unity, the alternative, is a team effort inside your head. If you practice it:

    • The quiet parts of your brain will get more of your attention. 
    • You will get more use out of them. 
    • They will have more influence in what you do. 
    •  You will begin to see them as part of you.
    • The people in your head. Be everyone you can be

    Try it for ten minutes a day

    • Stop talking to yourself.
    • Listen to your feelings.
    • Stop telling yourself what you should do.
    • Feel what you want to do.
    • Stop describing to yourself what you are going to do.
    • Imagine yourself doing it.
    • Stop warning yourself about the bad things that might happen.
    • Imagine yourself handling them.
    • Stop talking to yourself about what you wish...
    • Imagine yourself doing something to get there.
    • Stop wondering what other people think about you.
    • Wonder what you think of yourself.  
    • I've got brains I haven’t even used yet.
    Why is this subversive?  I'm not going to say. The quiet parts of your brain will figure it out. Language channels, I hope, won’t even notice.
    • You don’t want to be too open about subversion.

    • Unity is the key. No two ways about it. 

    News and Notes



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