Friday, May 8, 2015

2015 HELP: Why don't you run a grid on your own computer? Maybe good for content creators

Why don't you run a grid (SOAS) on your computer?  
Speaking for myself, it is because I've got other things I prefer to do and because I am in virtual worlds to work with people, not computers.  But I report on on this aspect of Opensim because some of my readers may be interested in running Sim on a Stick

This is me running opensimulator on a Raspberry Pi 2.   Just so there is no confusion the Raspberry Pi is not running the viewer, just the server and physics simulation are on the Pi.  The viewer is running from my Asus ROG G750JH running opensuse 13.1.  My raspberry pi is running the latest fully updated raspbian and Mono 3.12.0 and BulletXNA for physics and the latest OpenSimulator code... --Nebadon Izumi
  • Benefits for content creators
  • Disadvantages
  • How to

Benefits for content creators

  • All the land you want, little cost.
  • No internet delays while you build.
  • You run the server, you control its load and capabilities.
  • You schedule down time.
  • Stay logged on as long as you want.
  • Connect to HG when you want.
  • To find grids that will connect you to HG, go to Opensim Virtual and ask.
  • Move your products to HG grids when you want
  • Sell your products on Kitely Market or in grid stores. 


How to


Control your own grid, set the rules, maybe low cost

  • Personal grid: host away from home
  • Independent hosting companies
  • AWS may also be attractive, but offer less support.
  • These may provide the OpenSimulator software and Tech help.
  • But check with them on what they provide.
  • No server maintenance, no bandwidth limitations.


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        1. Are you going to do an OpenSim 9.0 on a Raspberry Pi 3?

          1. I won't, but if I see reports about any, I will pass them on in my G+ stream and perhaps in this blog.

          2. That would be awesome. I would appreciate that and I know many others would too!

        2. Hi Jay, MovLab Searidge runs 2 gids and 40 sims from Raspberry pi's, he has talked me through doind my own region on a raspberry pi linked to OSgrid, search for him in OSgrid, his main region on OSgrid is MoSa Welcome Plaza, he's happy to help anyone, just say Gazza Dezno suggested you ;)


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