Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 BIZ: Don't worry about backups for those documents you make on your computer!

Don't worry about backups for 
docs you make on your computer!
Q: I don't need backups?
A: Sure you need backups.  Just make them free and automatic. Then don't worry.
  • You make important docs.  You know you need to back them up. 
  • And you will.  As soon as you get around to it.
  • You always have your stuff backed up.  Always?  Well almost always...
  • Will you have your stuff backed up when your hard drive crashes?  
  • Of course not.  When you are working hard and getting a lot done...
  • You don't have time to do backups. That's when your hard drive crashes.
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News and Notes

  • But it won't bother you at all.  
  • Because all your work is backed up on Google drive or the like.
  • You don't bother to do it.  It happens automatically. 
  • Google Drive gives you at least 15 Gigabytes of cloud storage free
  • You just install the software to create a drive on your machine. 
  • And to maintain a synced drive in the cloud.
  • Whatever documents are in that drive are also on the cloud drive.
  • Whenever you change your local copy, the change is copied to the cloud drive.
  • As soon as you are connected to the internet.
  • (I am describing the method for Google drive, because that is what I use;
  • there are other cloud drives that may be just as good.)
  • Instead of worrying you breath a sigh of relief.
  • All your hard work is safe in the cloud.
  • You just get another machine and install whatever software you need.
  • You install Google drive and log on to your Google account.  
  • You do have a safe backup for your Google account password, don't you?
  • Once you are connected to your Google Drive, 
  • your files will download to your new machine.  
  • So that's why you don't worry about backups.

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