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2015 OPENSIM: HELP: The OARshop and selling sims on the web

The OARshop and selling sims on the web

OpenSimulator archives (OAR) can save all the necessary asset data so that you can fully restore the terrain, region parcel data, the textures of objects and their inventories when loaded onto a completely different system using a different asset database.  But OARs are of no use unless you can find what you want.  That is where the aggregator comes in: The OARshop.
  • You want a particular kind of scene on your sim.  
  • Somebody probably has just what you want.  
  • But you don't know who.
  • You have just finished building out a great sim.  
  • It looks just like you wanted it to.  
  • It probably looks just like a lot of other people want, too.
  • Some of those would probably pay you for a copy.
  • But you don't know who they are.  
  • And they don't know who you are.
  • This is a job for The OARshop
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  • The OARshop aggregates OARS. Some free, some for sale. 
  • Some good free Linda Kellie OARS: Products-Linda Kellie Designs 
  • Apparently, there is only on item in the OARS category.   
  • The pictures are not yet displaying.
  • But you have to start somewhere.
  • The OARshop also offers, RAW Terrain Files, XML Files, and DAE files.
  • The OARshop is a good idea, but they need more products to offer.  

Who else might sell OARS?

  • I know of no other OAR stores, but  people may tell us in comments
  • A place that could sell OARS is Kitely Market.
  • The Kitely Market now sells products for delivery to an avatar in some grid.
  • OARS are simply files and are delivered on the internet. 
  • To use an OAR, you upload it to a server in a grid that allows that.
  • Different delivery method, but OARS are wanted by people in virtual worlds. 
  • Ann Tree Preneur says:  
  • If Kitely market offered OARS they would grab the business. 

What would an ideal OAR market be like?

  • Lots of OARS, well-organized, and searchable.
  • You could develop categories based on what people search for. 
  • Effective promotion effort, lots of traffic.
  • Maria Korolov is looking for a free content-sharing site.
  • She wants a site that: 
  • Allows hotlinking to files -- especially OAR files
  • Does not require people to log in to download content
  • A look-and-feel similar to the Kitely Market
  • Support for textures, scripts, XML files, mesh, IAR files, and OARs
  • Clear license terms for each item
  • Searchable by type, popularity, license, upload date, creator, or keyword
  • Any one interested in working with her on this can contact her



News and Notes



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