Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 BIZ: A new way to make change--Seth Godin. It all starts Monday, June 15

A new way to make change--Seth Godin
I would like to be able to recommend this project, but I have not taken it.  I have followed Seth Godin's blog for years and can recommend what he is saying.  His description of what he is offering makes a lot of sense.  But don't take my word.  Check him out for yourself.  See the links in this article.

Comments by Selby

  • Real education is not about what you have read.  It is about what you can do.
  • You learn from practice.  
  • If you practice reading, you will get better at reading.
  • If you practice doing something, you will get better at doing that.
  • What job market do you want to be in?
  • Education is not delivering content, but engineering an environment where learning occurs.
Seth Godin: "This is not an online course. It’s a community focused on learning together, a connected, virtual group of ruckusmakers in search of doing work that matters. There are no magical techniques, locked video tutorials, exclusive content that only students in the course see. In fact, it’s not about content consumption." 
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News and Notes

About Seth Godin--Do your research first 

It is expensive--in time as well as money 

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