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2015 HELP: HYPERGRID: How can I find sandboxes and freebies in the HG worlds?

HYPERGRID: How can I find sandboxes 
and freebies in the HG worlds?
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News and Notes

What is a sandbox? 

  • A place where you can rezbuild, and test objects.
  • Usually has help for builders and beginning builders.
  • May have several builders at a time who can share knowledge.
  • There may be collaborative building and building classes.
  • You may have to join a group to build there.
  • Sandbox Groups are easy to get into. 
  • Sandbox Groups are used to exclude griefers. 
  • Sandbox Groups are used to send announcements and assets.
  • Sandbox Groups are used for community conversation.
  • There will be some arrangement keep the place clean.
  • Objects may be returned automatically after a few hours.
  • Save your work frequently.  Sandboxes may crash.
  • Sandboxes may be cleaned with little warning.
  • Sandboxes and Freebie places come and go too often to give a list. 
  • What you need is grid search. 
  • OpenSimWorld is a HG Destination Directory with search.
  • Destinations have to be registered there, so not all sandboxes will be listed
  • Kitely has an similar model, with comprehensive coverage, for its destinations
  • Both are useful at present.  
  • You can use Kitely at no cost, as long as you don't need land.
  • Getting Started in Kitely: The free explorer plan

To find sandboxes in the hypergrid

To find sandboxes in Kitely

  • Go to the Kitely page: Explore Worlds
  • The search bar is on the left, near the top.  
  • Type in sandbox and click search. 
  • I found over 24 the last time I checked
  • But sandboxes may come and go.
  • Some sandboxes may have restrictions. 
  • They may not allow HG traveler to enter.
  • They may require that you join a group (to control griefing).
  • Other grids probably have their own sandboxes.
  • Look for a search function on the registration page of the grid.
  • Or look for a list of sandboxes there. 

To find freebie places on the hypergrid

To find freebie places in Kitely

  • Go to the Kitely page: Explore Worlds
  • The search bar is on the left, near the top.  Enter freebies.
  • I found over 30 the last time I checked
  • But freebie places may come and go


News and Notes


    • NMA presents: Tue., 5/19: Matthew Broyles:11AM & Joe Rizzo: 12PM 
    • Wizards Retreat on Cookie II  (California times)
    • http://www.kitely.com/virtual-world/NewMediaArts-CTO/Cookie-II
    Matthew Broyles 11AM PST TheMatthewShow Returns!
    Texas to New York and back again. Matt's keen observations are only matched by his musical abilities. Matt brings you originals and covers, marching to a drummer unlike that of most other artists in SL. Feel the beat.

    Joe Rizzo 12PM Joe makes me feel like I'm in Golden Gate Park or strolling down Haight St. when all the tourists have gone home. His style draws on so many elements while remaining rooted.

    Fractured Nursery Rhymes Wrkshp-Tue 5/19,7pm SLT

    This week the Short Poetry Workshop revisits Fractured Nursery Rhymes. Nursery Rhymes were probably the first poems you ever heard as a child. In this workshop we’ll take those beloved nursery rhymes and rewrite them into...well - you decide. So come down to the Short Poetry Library and break a few rhymes. Come learn, re-write and share your favorites.  East Cookie, Cookie (160, 134, 21)


    Lauren's Place


    Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds


    Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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