Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 HYPERGRID: KITELY: Your Kitely world page is your web presence. Are you getting full use of it?

Your Kitely world page is your web presence.  
Are you getting full use of it?
Well, neither was I until I thought about it.  Do SEO.  Link directly to your world from social media and webpages.  Put links to relevant web page(s) and Google+ communities. Insert pictures of your place (preferably with people doing something).  Link to your community calendar.  
Example: Manage World panel
  • My Worlds--{name of your world}--Manage {Right hand column}
  • Tip: When inserting links, choose open link in new window. 
  • The above screenshot is only an example.  That world is private.
  • (So I can change it without messing with our promotion plans)

Your Kitely World Page is a web page.  

  • People can find it in Google search.
  • People can find it in a search of Explore Worlds.  
  • People on Kitely can use it to get to your world in one step
  • They just click the Enter World button.
  • If they are in a hypergrid world, they can use the hypergrid address.
  • You can provide the Firestorm Hops to places in your world.
  • To get the hop from Firestorm, click the navigation bar and copy.
  • You could put the text and links you would put in a notecard for visitors.  

Similar features may be available in other grids

  • OpenSimWorld may work as your web presence if you list there.
  • I am reporting on Kitely because that is where I can test things.
  • If you know of another grid with something like the world pages,
  • Post a description in the comments section of this blog.
  • If I get new info, I will update this article or create a new one. 

New people coming in?

Venue for events? 

  • Pick keywords from a public perspective.  
  • What people do you want to attract to your world?
  • What words will they use to search for things of interest to them?
  • Pay attention to SEO
  • Use those words early in the text you put on your Kitely web page. 
  • If you can, use them in bold, italics, in bullet lists, or hyperlinks

Use your Keywords in the description, include links to:

  • Blogs and blog articles about your world.
  • Google communities that talk about your world.
  • Kitely market pages that offer relevant products.
  • Relevant Facebook pages.

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