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2015 HG: ART: Hypergrid WIP meeting. The creatives of the hypergrid

First Hypergrid  WIP meeting, May 1
The creatives of the hypergrid
Updated 7/31/2015
To publicize the creatives of the Hypergrid, New Media Arts is sponsoring "The WIP show", a show in which people who are doing something creative on the Hypergrid can show and tell about their projects.   
Schedule of presenters
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  • The first show went well.
  • We had about 9 presentations and maybe 8 other guests.
  • Some of the presented items may still be in the sandbox.
  • hop:// II/141/366/22
  • Next show in 2 weeks, May 15.

Schedule, location, MC, Submissions

  • First and Third Friday of the month 
  • Noon Pacific time in Cookie II, in Kitely
  • Firestorm 2-step, paste into the Nav bar of viewer, enter
  • hop:// II (to the Kitely World) 
  • hop:// II/141/366/22 (to the Hobo Sandbox)
  • Standard grid address: II
  • Manager and MC:  Serene Jewell
  • Submit: email
  • Social media: The Hypergrid WIP Show, Google+ community
  • Presentation is in text.  Best prepare it in advance.
  • Cookie II is rated Mature, so no adult-rated objects can be shown.  
  • People who can attend via HG are welcome.


  • All participants who will rez need to join Hobo Sandboxers.  
  • MC will invite them to the group so they can rez.
  • Please tell the MC if an OSSL script requires an owner to rez the object.
  • The presentation will be in typed chat and/or notecards.
  • Presenters can rez a notecard giver with notecard(s) carrying the presentation.
  • The notecard can carry web links and textable addresses 
  • (Firestorm hops and Hypergrid addresses are recommended)
  • The notecards probably should not carry embedded objects
  • as these may only be available on the grid where the embedding was done.
  • To give objectstextures,and landmarks, use a general contents giver 
  •  Put the assets in the contents of the giver. 
  • Your suitcase. Just what you need to travel the hypergrid
After show meeting
  • Stick around after the show for a chat.
Presented objects may be left out 
for a few days
These are freebies

More possibilties

  • Show can include a video presentation on YouTube.
  • Presenter can rez a prim showing the video and 
  • should also offer the web link for those who need an alternative.
  • Presenters may also voice the presentation
  • Videos of voiced presentations may be made and posted on YouTube.
  • Presented objects may be left out for a few days.
  • We will return objects if we need the space or the prims.
  • Keep your own copy in case the return does not work.

After show comments

by Graham Mills » Sat May 02, 2015 10:45 am
I've left a copy at the landing place on Micrographia if anyone's interested. It works OK-ish there (let's remember that this is a WIP after all). What I forgot yesterday was that (i) certain OSSL functions require that you own the world, (ii) that perms would need to be set for sub-objects in order for the world owner (Selby) to get a full copy that worked as intended. What was lacking was proper defensive coding to ensure that it failed gracefully.

Somebody (Isis?) suggested that it either was or could be a storybook. An earlier version did in fact have a book format and pageturn animation. As most of the build is timeline-based, it has inherent narrative qualities but I think the idea in a more general sense has potential and is something I'm interested in pursuing.

One of the great things about the WIP session was the diversity of individual contributions. We had avatars, animations, clothing, prim and mesh builds, scripting, etc. There was content of interest to both experts and n00bs. Of course, not all topics were of equal interest to me at present (who knows in the future?) but my attention was held throughout by the relatively tight timescale. Great work on the format by Serene and Selby.

One area I am interested in following up over the Summer is the use of NPCs in theatrical performances so I look forward to more in that vein in due course 

From Kitely forum:  Re: What do you think of a show and tell hour?

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