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2015 PROMO: EVENTS: HELP: OpenSim Google Calendar Users: Community formed

OpenSim Google Calendar Users: 
Community formed
Updated 11/24/2016
The Hypergrid needs a HG community calendar. Or maybe a set of calendars.  Google calendars look to me like the right thing because they are widely used and set up for collaboration.  But Google calendars have mysteries and tech problems.  So shawnkmaloney Craftgrid  has created a community especially for people interested in using Google calendars to promote events on OpenSim.
  • Ask about problems you are having with Google calendars.
  • Describe new ways to use Google calendars in virtual worlds.
  • Ask how to do something with Google calendars in virtual worlds
  • Announce a new Google calendar you have posted. 
  • Suggest Google calendars you would like to see.
  • Tell new information you have found about using Google calendars


Google calendars I want to post on my blog

  • A grid-wide calendar for any grid
  • A community calendar for any active community on HG
  • An interest group calendar for any interest group on HG
  • If you know of a well populated Google calendar,
  • post the link in the comments on this (or any) article on this blog

What I have now

Travel instructions for events

  • You can put travel instructions in the description panel for the event.
  • Because we have lots of newcomers to HG, 
  • I recommend including instructions for using the HG address.
  • Below are instructions for both standard (World map) an Firestorm Hops

Standard instructions

  • Open the World Map.  Paste the HG address into the bar next to Find.
  • Click Find, click Teleport when the destination is found.  HG address:
  • II
Firestorm Hop instructions

Calendars about HG events

How you can use a Google calendar in virtual worlds


News and Notes




    Lauren's Place


    Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds


    Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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