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2015 BIZ: PROMO: HG: Help people get to your Hypergrid place.

Help people get to your Hypergrid place
Updated 7/5/2012
Cookie Welcome point 
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  • An educator reported on starting classes in a virtual world:
  • 50% of the students had problems getting to the right location.
  • You want people to be able to get to your place easily.
  • Make it easy for people to do what you want them to do.
  • For HG the ideal is "one click does the trick."
  • From anywhere: Hypergrid, same grid, same sim, same parcel.  
  • That's not available yet.  But Firestorm is partly there:
  • Firestorm hops: Textable travel links; for the HG BeatThis list? Barely
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Can people easily get to your place? 

Prep your world to give an effective LANDMARK

  • People will take a landmark at your world.
  • You will give people landmarks.
  • If you give landmarks to people you meet on the HG,
  • You will need to carry them in your suitcase.
  • Your suitcase. Just what you need to travel the Hypergrid
  • Landmarks embedded in a notecard may not be available in other grids.
  • Be sure the landmark has an informative name.
  • So they will remember next month why they wanted that landmark.
  • Mall, venue owners, anyone looking for traffic: Your parcel is not my parcel
  • Caution: grids can be set so people can't carry away landmarks
  • And lots of other things can go wrong.
  • Have someone from another grid test your landmarks and textable addresses,
  • Before you use them in promotion.

Set up a welcoming arrival point

Cookie Welcome Point detail
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  • Be sure new arrivals are greeted with clear instructions.
  • They need to know what to do next. 
  • Walk-thru teleports at the entry point are good for where to go.
  • The walk-thru panels on Cookie II should be free to copy.
  • The web page for Cookie II is here

Offer web access if you can

Get your grid to promote your place 

Get listed in directories

Promote your place in hypergrid communities

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