Thursday, June 2, 2011

2013 VIDEO: COMEDY: Second Life Comedy. Lauren, Crap Mariner, Jamie Jordan, etc.

Second Life Comedy. Lauren, Crap Mariner, Jamie Jordan, etc.

Watch live streaming video from SecondLifeComedy at
Lauren's Tuesday night show for May 31.  This show is about an hour.
This is not a formal show.  It is an informal get-together among friends who enjoy comedy --
  • Listening to comedy
  • Performing comedy
  • Participating in comedy
The show was streamed live by Geo Meek.  This is an archived version of the live stream.  No cuts.  No editing. Just a video recording of what happened.

If you are interested in comedy,
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  • Catch the show on Tuesday nights.
The show is available:

On Livestream
Not Safe For Work.
Don't think of this as just entertainment -- think of it as something you could do if you are involved in a show in Second Life.

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