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2013 1stHELP: Content: Coloring inside the lines. Multimondrians

More fun than crayons
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Color settings window
You color prims in Second Life.  You have access to all the colors that a monitor screen can render.  And really bright colors, because the monitor is creating the colors out of light.  Razor sharp edges (if you want them).  And changing colors if you have the scripts.
The above screenshot shows the the color control window in the object edit set.
To get to this window
On an object you want to color, right click.
In the object right-click window, select edit.
In the object edit window, select Texture.
In the Texture window (above), click on the color square.
Background/ prerequisites
Details of setting color
  • Texture. Right click on texture, select blank.  You can mix textures and colors.  Later.
  • Color. Right click on color to open the color settings window.
  • Apply now.  Be sure it is checked to see the color on the object. 
  • Numbers: Mainly for communication and records.
  • Arrows by numbers:  Make small changes
  • Sliders: Change hue and saturation
  • Boxes below: Saved colors.  Click to activate
  • OK:  Click to save settings.
  • You can change the color of a textured object.
  • You can experiment with the eyedropper.  Use things you can discard.
  • Colors without textures reduce texture lag.
On seeing strongly colored cubes, my first word was, "Mondrian."
I made a Multimondian and scripts to change the colors.  More about that in another article.

Multimondrian and colored objects 
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