Saturday, June 18, 2011

2013 STAGE: THEATER: Renaissance theater for performance in virtual worlds

For performing theater in Second Life 
and other virtual worlds
Ada's Performing Theater
By Sodovan Torok-
Hear the sound of sawing and hammering coming from the northeast corner of Cookie sim? Your ears aren't playing tricks. Ada Radius is building a Renaissance theater in Avatar Repertory Theater's land there. But the theater troupe's new home is not just Yet Another Renaissance Theater. The others are essentially replicas of various theaters in real life. This one is intended for performing theater in Second Life and other virtual worlds.
“My goal,” Ada says, “is to create the feel of a 16th century theater, but also to adapt the build to the way sight lines and avatar movement work in the metaverse. This one is not a replica of the Globe; it's more typical of earlier Tudor construction.”

The intent is to actually use the building for theatrical productions. “I'm hoping we can put on Shakespeare plays faster, like the way they were done in his time: get your parts, do three rehearsals, and it's on.” She hopes to be done raising clouds of sawdust in a few weeks.
“I'm building something similar on my own standalone OpenSim that we can export to OSGrid and other grids that allow large prims for when we start branching out beyond Second Life.”
Ada Radius is co-founder of Avatar Repertory Theater, and one of their set designers and builders.


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