Monday, June 20, 2011

2013 MUSIC: Molaskey's Pub. Irish pub. Live music in the virtual world.

Live music in the virtual world.
Seaside at Molaskey's
Welcome to Molaskey's
By Apple MacKay
Molaskey's Pub is a well-known seaside Irish pub featuring live music in the virtual world, 'SecondLife'.
Named after a worthy Irish immigrant from the early 20th century, Molaskey's Pub was established in March, 2007 by long-time 'Second Life friends,  Apple MacKay and Katydid Something.
Combining their virtual world and real life talents in graphics, 3-D animation and advertising, Apple MacKay and Katydid Something created one of the finest custom built destinations in Second Life. With great music, atmosphere, interactive drinks, games, fun and interesting features, Moe's - as it is affectionately know - attracts people from nearly every time zone.
Whether on the patio, beach or on the stylish bandshell stage, musicians like playing the Molaskey's Pub venue and often draw large crowds, filling the sim to capacity.
So, grab a virtual pint and join the scene!
Join The Group, Join The Fun!
When you join the Molaskey's Pub group in 'Second Life', you'll be joining hundreds of other music-loving, social avatars from around the world.  Our weekly concerts draw a sim-filling crowd. The Molaskey's Pub group members receive notice of Live Music and Events at the Pub.
Wichi is a quality destination in Second Life. Visitors can enjoy a quiet stroll on the Wichi Riverwalk where they will find art galleries, an underwater bookstore, a journalist shop and a design center. The Wichi Multimedia Studio is an impressive photo studio where professional portraits and profile pictures are custom made by Apple MacKay. Molaskey's Pub and the oceanfront Bonfire Beach offers a lively, social scene with weekly Live Music performed by some of SecondLife's most established Musicians.
Some of the featured musicians include:
    * Lyndon Heart
    * Capos Calderwood
    * TallGuy Kidd
    * Skinny Shepherd
    * Maximillion Kleene
Speak with any Staff Member or Host for a free group invitation. Molaskey's Pub group members may schedule private events at the pub, including birthday parties, receptions and holiday parties. For event planning details, contact the pub owners, Apple MacKay and Katydid Something.
Molaskey's Calendar
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