Monday, June 13, 2011

2013 HELP: Preferences: Graphics Tab. Quality Versus Lag

 Graphics Quality Versus Lag 
Preferences, Graphics tab
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Why adjust?
  • To improve what you see on the screen
  • To reduce lag

How to adjust
Me (top bar) -- Preferences option -- Graphics tab (above).
The two objectives above summarize the trade-off, as does the slider at the top of the window.  If your installer recognizes your graphics card, it will set the slider at approximately the right level. You can leave it that way if you are satisfied with the trade-off.  Or you can make finer adjustments with the graphics window.  
If your installer does not recognize your graphics card (common with the newest cards), it will let you install and will recommend that you adjust graphics.  It will probably set the slider to the lowest value, producing terrible renditions.   All you need to do is open the graphics window and slide up the graphics.  You can then test to see what trade-off works best with your machine.  
Tweaking the Trade-offs 
To start you tweaking expedition, click on the advanced button at the bottom of the window.  If you like to think of Second Life as a game, you can consider this button your gateway to a new level.   
Problems you might tweak away and how
  • Slow rez after teleport  
  • Reduce draw distance
  • Minimize number of non-impostor avatars

  • Lag with particle effects
  • Reduce Max Particles
The effects of the other settings will depend on your graphics card.  To combat lag, start with the lowest values (or unchecked).  Then increase a few and see if the graphics look better to you.  Most of these effects will depend on what you are looking at, so leave the settings for a while to see if you  like them in your normal activities.  The descriptions on some of the settings may clue you in on where to look.

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