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2013 2ndHELP: Home, House, Hangout -- Hobos

Home, House, Hangout -- Hobos 
Do I have a home?  That is a common question new residents ask. The answer depends on what you mean by home.
Home is where the house is
Owning Land in Second Life. Starter section
Free houses in the Hobo Starter Kit Here
You can rez them in a sandbox for a while, but for a more permanent arrangement you will need to have land.

Hobo Junction Home Point
Home Base, Home point
It is a bit like arriving in a new city.  You don't have a home.  You probably don't have a house.  You may not have any friends.  In the physical world, you need a place to sleep. That would probably be a motel.
In Second Life,  you get a home base when you arrive.  It is where you arrive. That is where you will arrive whenever you log in. It is also where you will teleport to it you click that little house graphic on the upper left of your screen (Viewer 2.x). You don't sleep or eat there.  You may hang out with friends there.

Viewer 2.6, Upper Left

You can change your home base whenever you want.  You can set home to any InfoHub.  If you find some place you would rather be than your current home point, open the map and look around for a blue dot with the letter i in the middle.  That is an InfoHub.  Go there.  Click on World (Top Left) -- Set home to here.  That will set you home point to your current InfoHub location.
InfoHubs that I favor are these:

Hobo Railroad InfoHub in Calleta
You can also set your home base to a place owned by a group.  If you join the Hobo Helpers, for example, you can set your home base to the
Hobo Helpers HQ on Cookie. 
If you are in the Hobo Junction group,  you can set your home base to the landing point on Hobo Island.
If you have trouble setting your home base, check to be sure that you are wearing the right group tag (right-click your avatar, click groups, be sure the right group is activated).
Finallly, if you own land...
you can set your home base to a place in your own land.

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