Saturday, June 25, 2011

2013 EDU: Create: "shared creativity tool." Rod Humble gets it.

"shared creativity tool"  That's it!
Rod Humble in Massively
That's how Rod Humble characterized  Second Life in an interview with Beau Hindman for Massively, a popurlar blog about massively multiplayer online games.
- does Rod [Humble explain what he does at Second Life?  Everyone knows what a CEO is, but the company itself is harder to explain. The game is described by him as a "shared creativity tool" or creativity space....
Use your head! They always tell you that. They never tell you how

what I value most about Second Life art isn't the high-end work of serious artists, but the everyday artistic expression that pervades the culture.  -It seems that just about everyone I've met who has been involved in Second Life for more than a few months posts images or machinima to media sharing sites or plays around with building or scripting inworld. ....
Creative Collaboration
What do you do in Second Life?
Here is a page I point new people to when they ask that question.
What do you do in Second Life? (May)

Here is a list of some of the things my friends and I do in Second Life, with some hints about how and why.
Your limits are set, not by the rules of a game, but by what you can do.
And some more ways to be creative in Second Life.
When you have mastered the powers of Explorer, you will choose another set of powers to master – that is the next level.   Some choices available to you:
  • Entertainer, Musician, Comic, Writer, Actor, Videographer,
  • Entrepreneur, Store manager, Realtor, Mall manager, Event manager
  • Organizer, Instructor, Builder, Scripter, Artist, Theatrical director
  • Starfleet Officer, Vulcan, Klingon, Jedi Knight, Imperial Storm Trooper, Jawa
  • Stuntman, Superhero, Dancer, Fire Eater, Vampire
  • Elf, Witch, Mermaid, Ogre, Dragon, Wizard, Mad Scientist, Timelord.
  • Used Car Salesman, Mafia Don, Bum, Zombie, Shapeshifter
  • Disk-jocky, greeter, welcomer, 
  • Mentor, instructor, 
  • Master-of-Ceremonies. Event Host.
Second Life is a huge, well-equipped studio for creativity.  Creativity in the broadest sense. 
If you follow this blog, you will notice that I often put a term in the title of a post  indicating the kind of creativity that the post is about.


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