Saturday, June 18, 2011

2013 PROMO: Connecting the blogs. Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration in the blog space
My Blog List 
And recent posts
Blogger offers two gadgets that can help to build a community of bloggers on subjects related to Second Life or Virtual Worlds.
The best gadget is My Blog List.   This list is automatically put on the right side of my blog when anyone loads the blog or a page from it.
As shown in the above screen shot, each blog presents its most recent post.  Thus readers of my blog can also see what is being posted in blogs I follow.  The blogs are ordered with most recent first, so the blogs with the more frequent posts get the most visibility.
Hint to bloggers: if you want readers, post a lot.  If you can't do lots of posts, look for collaborators.
The other gadget from Blogger is Web Links I follow. This gadget simply lists the blogs in hyperlinked form. I am not sure that this second gadget is of an value in conjunction with the first, but it certainly better than nothing.
I hope that the blogging community of Second Life will increase the use of these connectors and thus increase the breadth and depth of knowledge about Second Life/Virtual Worlds.


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