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2013 HELP: Land: Region, sim, parcel. Knowing the difference makes a difference.

Region, sim, parcel.  
Knowing the difference makes a difference.
The information here applies to Viewer 3.3+.   Some details may be different in other viewers.
Two Sims Making an Estate
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Parcels and Parcel Bounds

Vocabulary: types of land 
  • Sim: a square on the map treated as a unit for some purposes
  • Region: another term for sim 
  • Private sim: a sim that is owned by a resident rather than by Linden Lab
  • Private island: A private sim not connected to a mainland
  • Estate: one or more private regions that belong to one user
  • Parcel. Like a lot or plot of ground. A subdivision of a sim.
Your private island is also an estate unless it is combined with another island you own to make an estate consisting of both islands.  (You submit a ticket to get the Lindens to form the combination.)
A sim is created by a simulator (a computer program).  That means:
It needs a restart every day or do to clean up accumulated errors.
You don't want to cross a sim boundary too fast.
Parcel management tools
Caution: Estate settings on access and bans override parcel settings.  Check both. 
Sim/Estate/Region management

Estate Management Window
Estate managers: One set of managers is appointed by the owner (Estate tab). They will manage all the sims in the estate.  They will be able to make changes in the Estate management windows.
To open the Estate Management Window: World (top bar)-Land profiles-region/estate.  The settings and information in the window apply to the estate and sim where the avatar is located.  If there are multiple sims in the estate, some of he settings will apply to the whole estate and others will apply only to the sim.
Important estate-wide settings.
Access permissions and bans (Estate tab).
Caution: Estate settings on access and bans override parcel settings.  Check both. 
Sun settings. (Region tab)

Important Sim level settings and actions

These settings and actions affect only the sim where the avatar is located
Restart.  Since a sim corresponds to a computer program, a restart is needed every once on a while.  If the sim has a lot of avatar traffic, I recommend a restart at least once a day.  Restart can be done by any estate manager.
  • Open the estate management window (World-Place Profile- Region/estate) 
  • Go to the Debug tab
  • Click the restart button
  • Confirm the restart order
  • Leave the sim
  • Return to the sim to verify a successful restart
I have a restart teller in the hobo land manager kit.  It is in an unobtrusive rock.  You put the rock on a sim.  The rock will note when a restart was done and report the time of the last restart on click.

Number of avatars allowed on the sim.

Region tab.  For events, we usually want to have an estate manager on hand to raise the avatar limit temporarily when the sim is full and an essential person crashers and needs to get back in.
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