Saturday, March 12, 2022

2022 Metaverse: Teamwork & Collaboration in the metaverse. Presentation to a Second Life group. Teamwork in the metaverse.

Teamwork & Collaboration in the metaverse.  
Presentation to a Second Life group.  
Teamwork in the metaverse.
Teamwork and collaboration in the metaverse.

Agenda and time spots

  • Welcome 0:11
  • Agenda 0:35
  • Definitions 1:07
  • Basics & Pro Tips 3:36
  • Demonstration - Live Team Debrief 14:42
  • Demonstration - Live Audience Debrief 34:12
  • Demonstration - Music for Teamwork & Collaboration 39:26
  • After the break:  Teamwork in the metaverse.

Teamwork in the metaverse.

Team technology

Learning teamwork

Project-based learning with teams

Online saves money, time and carbon

  • No travel--no travel costs
  • No office facilities--no rental, no maintenance. 
  • No office facilities--no heating, no cooling
  • No travel--get there in 30 seconds.  Everybody.
  • No fuel but a little electricity.

Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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