Monday, August 3, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: BIZ: Project-based learning can develop work-group skills--if it uses team projects It needs a DTA familiar with group facilitation roles.

Project-based learning can develop work-group skills--
if it uses team projects 
It needs a DTA familiar with group facilitation roles.

Consideration of how project-based learning can teach the skills needed to function effectively in work groups, thus adding a new amd valuable skill set to the course.  
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Project-based learning: DTA assistance

Specific skills

General skills

Group facilitation

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Needed skills: 

  • Recognize when a particular role is needed.
  • Produce the role or cue somebody else to do it..  
  • How would you teach these?

Common roles needed

  • Starter: "Time to get started." 
  • Track manager: "Let's get back to the subject."
  • Agenda manager: "The agenda item is..."
  • "What agenda item are we working on?"
  • "Do we put that on the agenda for next time?"
  • Methods manager: "How do we do that?"
  • Action-item manager: "I did my first action item and am ready to reporrt.
  • "Sam, do you have a report on your action item."
  • "We need to get that done.  Can someone take it as an action item?"
  • Will the minutes list the action items and who is taking them?" 
  • Ideator:"Let's brainstorm a bit on that."
  • Recorder/secretary: "Let me review the action items."
  • Gatekeeper: "I think Jane was about to say something and I want ti hear it."
  • People-person: "Joe had a suggestion that we should not ignore."
  • Closer: "I think we are in agreement on this.  Is there anything else we need to say?"


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