Wednesday, March 2, 2022

2021 Metaverse Libraries. Real libraries in a virtual world. Long video with time marks on contents,

Metaverse Libraries.  
Real libraries in a virtual world.  
Long video with time marks on contents
The future of libraries in the age of the internet.  
  • Libraries in the Metaverse, V Hill MACHINIMA Real Libraries in Virtual Worlds 0:10
  • Metaliteracy - Literacy in Digital Culture 4:15
  • Metamodernism - Our Philosophical Moment 10:50
  • Digital Citizenship 16:37
  • Online Anonymity 19:13
  • Think Before You Post 23:30
  • End of Fixed Media 28:05
  • Balancing Worlds 32:24
  • Metamodernism in the Metaverse 35:31
  • Metaliteracy in Learning 39:29
  • The Dark Side of Digital Culture 43:42
  • Preservation of Digital Formats 46:25
  • Digital Legacy 50:19
  • Presented 24-Nov-2021 Community Virtual Library, Second Life
  • Thanks Sitearm



Community Virtual Library


Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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