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2013 TKR: Gamestorming, visual thinking, creative collaboration, virtually

Gamestorming, visual thinking, creative collaboration
Updated 7/25/2015
drew a response for Botgirl that put me on to some new ideas that I want to connect to my theme of creative collaboration.  
My human counterpart does a fair amount of group facilitation within the context of change management, mostly using visual thinking and gamestorming processes. I've just started thinking about how that paradigm might be translated into a virtual world setting. -- Botgirl

No one knows the questions employees have better than the employees themselves, so this game gives them a chance to externalize what’s on their minds and have leadership be responsive in a setting outside the once-a-year leadership retreat.  It also allows the players to discover overlaps with other players’ questions and to notice the frequency with which those questions occur—something they may not have known prior to the meeting.
You may want to watch the video here

and  here is related information about change management:
Change management and the Tao of Linden
Gamification background
Visual thinking
VizThink is a trans-disciplinary global community interested in the efficacy of visual communication.
Suggestions for further visualizing
You may want to read the whole article, but here are some intriguing excerpts from the abstract
  • best-qualified specialists are scattered around the globe, 
  • benchmarking study reveals, it isn't necessary to bring team members together to get their best work. 
  • even more productive if they stay separated and do all their collaborating virtually. 
  • team members felt freer to contribute 
  • people did not wait for meetings to make decisions" 
  • full access to their files and the complementary knowledge of their local colleagues. 
  • demanded shrewd management of a virtual team's work processes 
  • extensive use of sophisticated online team rooms 
  • Remote collaboration: methods
 A living example you can watch from a vantage point in Second Life:  

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