Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2013 TKR: TEAM: Creative Collaboration. Not just a slogan anymore

Creative Collaboration.  Not just a slogan anymore 
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Actually creative collaboration never was just a slogan.  But global communication makes global collaboration.  And the resources emerging for  social networking are resources for networked collaboration.  
Second Life is one of those resources.  Collaboration was built into the initial design.  I think that is the main strength of Second Life.  And one of the weaknesses of the recently departed management team.  
Since many of us are likely to engage in web based creative collaboration, I have been thinking about the business and psychological  implications of that activity.  As the RSA talk says, people often do this kind of thing voluntarily, with no expectation of payment.  
But there is another well-established psychological principle that comes into play as soon as some of this activity gets some form of compensation.    
Fairness.  People have an intrinsic sense of fairness. That, too, does not follow standard economic models.   People will happily do something for nothing if they see no one getting paid to do it.  Yet as soon as they see someone getting paid, they want to know why they are not getting paid -- and paid fairly.  
So I am going to think -- and write -- about the two issues that lie in the near future:
  • Monetizing the creative collaboration.  
  • Distributing the revenue with perceived fairness.
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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