Wednesday, March 16, 2022

2022 #VWEDU Metaverse tours. You don't need a classroom in the metaverse. You just need places where students can learn. CVL shows how.

Metaverse tours.  
You don't need a classroom in the metaverse.  
You just need places where students can learn. 
CVL shows how.
Student-centered learning needs places where students can learn.  The metaverse can offer places designed for learning,  The task of the teacher is to get students to the right places. 
  • Watch on YouTube
  • Let's Take a Tour!  V.Hill (Valibrarian)  J. Neville (Sitearm) MACHINIMA
  • SLurl: in Second Life a bit of text that serves as an address to a location.
  • The user pastes the text into the top address bar of the viewer.
  • SLurls for locations in this video:


  • Agenda 0:24
  • Demo Tour 3:20
  •   Gathering Spot 5:04
  •   Feature the Purpose 8:13
  •   Pacing and Focus 9:19
  •   Instructions on Moving 10:02
  •   Interaction and Immersion 10:47
  •   Closure and Take Away 14:22
  • Tour Tips 15:10
  •   Debrief of Demo Tour and Tour Tips 17:59
  •   Final Closure and Take Aways 29:59

  • V Hill (Valibrarian) J Neville (Sitearm)
  • Nonprofit Commons


Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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