Sunday, March 20, 2022

2022 Metaverse or multiverse? The interconnected metaverse? The community-connected metaverse? The metaverse hub?

Metaverse or multiverse? 
The interconnected metaverse? 
The community-connected metaverse? 
The metaverse hub? 
A discussion in the metaverse about connecting the metaverse segments into a unified whole.  
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  • Metaverse connection issues: summary of discussion
  • Notes after the break


                      Specific discussion segments


                      Summary of issues

                      The identity issue

                      • These elements carry your identity
                      • Your credentials: You might be able to carry these to other grids
                      • If the other grid accepts your credentials, you would not have to register there.
                      • Your avatar: If the other grid can use the format, you can have the same appearance.
                      • You inventory (selected items): You might be able to carry these items with you.
                      • These elements can be implemented independently.  
                      • A big problem with sharing credentials would be security.


                      • Many independent virtual worlds (grids).
                      • Decentralized in the broad sense, but most of the grids are not.
                      • Exception: OpensSimulator/hypergrid.

                      The interconnected metaverse

                      The community-connected metaverse

                      • People only want to be connected to people they want to interact with.
                      • Thus metaverse segments might focus on particular communities.
                      • There might be separate metaverse regions for gamers, educators, businesses. and  performances

                      The metaverse hub

                      Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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